Your Opinion Counts

Opinion Track

We are a research and consultancy company dedicated to the provision of reliable information and insights on various social, cultural, and economic issues

About Us

We are a research and consultancy company dedicated to provision of reliable information and insights on various social, cultural and economic issues.
We offer an open and fair platform for everyone to express their views and opinion. This is because we believe that every opinion counts.

Our unique feature is that we are a team of individuals with a vast range of specialization in different fields that helps us interpret research findings into real world situation/strategy.

Our Target Audience

  • Banking Sectors
  • Private Sectors
  • Public Sector
  • Businesses/Companies
  • Political Leaders
  • Social/Cultural Aspects


We're Proficient in the provision of the following services

Technical Training
Data Repository
Opinion Polls

Why Our Research Is Relevant To You

In Opinion Track Limited, we believe that information is a critical component of the society that influences major decisions and creates understanding with regards to business aspects, market aspects, social aspects, cultural aspects, competitors’ behavior, the target audience amongst others.
The information obtained can also help you understand how your company or individual image is perceived by the society and how you connect with them. Having this information aids in establishing your next plans of actions.
In terms of politics, Opinion Track gives you accurate information where your major supporters are, the issues they are raising, their dissatisfaction and their general feelings about you.


Most importantly, your competitors are always conducting a research on your brand/personality/product to gain a competitive advantage over you. In fact, your fall is usually their happiness in most cases. That is more reasons why Opinion Track believes that you should be ahead of the game by getting that information ahead of them so that you are not caught unaware.

Similarly, Opinion track will help you track the accurate view of your business with regards to who your competitors are, who your loyal customers are, where the customers are, whether you are meeting their needs in terms of packaging, marketing messages, pricing amongst other concerns.